Donating to The Tourism Academy means opportunity, sustainability and access to quality education. Empowerment, skills and hope in areas that have been underserved for far too long. Economic development and new opportunities. Your financial help makes all this happen, and more. 

Here are some examples of how your gift will make a difference.

Covers the cost of an Extended Learning Opportunity – internship, mentorship, industry certification or accreditation – for one scholar for an entire year

Makes possible one custom-built beginner or intermediate course, free to an unlimited number of students for a full year

Supplies students with online learning essentials, like high-speed internet access, ChromeBooks and iPads, rewarding achievement and enhancing scholarship

Makes possible multiple course registrations with academic celebration, certification, and awards to promote advancement

Provides complimentary registration for one student to complete a beginner or intermediate course

Give where the need is greatest

When you give to The Tourism Academy, you fuel our service projects – projects that empower passionate people, promote global understanding, and improve developing communities.


The Tourism Academy is a 501(c)(3) organization. United States taxpayers receive tax deductions for contributions to the extent allowed by the IRS.



Giving works because The Tourism Academy works. 100% of donations go straight to supporting our service projects including the diversity scholarships, community development project, and live training programs. funded exclusively by donations. 


You Make a Difference

Each day our students, instructors, staff, and volunteers carry out sustainable tourism service projects. Using donations like yours, we’ve made quality skill, development, and knowledge training available to 4+ billion internet users.

Your donations train future peacemakers, support sustainable tourism development, and strengthen local economies. 


Impact Your Donation Makes

It can change a life. A community can learn to create a sustainable economy for as little as 80 cents. Matching fund programs and our generous partners make your donation go even farther. 

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