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Build relevance and cultivate stakeholder alignment. The Tourism Academy | tourismacademy.org makes transformative, engaging, and accessible tourism education possible for the tourism and destination industries. Each of the programs we build is designed for adult learners by business psychologists and instructional design professionals. We use the latest in learning experience technology to ensure that your training programs are available when, where, and how stakeholders learn best.

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The Tourism Academy’s mission is to educate, empower and inspire the tourism industry. Subsequently, making it easier for travel professionals to advance their careers, grow their businesses and provide life-changing travel experiences to more people, sustainably.

The Tourism Academy is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Tourism Academy Mission

What We Do


We provide a distraction-free, easy-to-maintain, and customizable learning experience platform.

Instructional Design

We build custom courses so you can tell your story and transform your stakeholders.


70+ inspiring educators, subject matter experts, and industry leaders to bring meaning to your meetings.


Tools to enhance brand visibility, connect with target audiences, and grow within the tourism space.

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Organizations that offer online training generate 26% more revenue per employee. [ELEARNING MAGAZINE]

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People First

Education when, where and how your stakeholders learn best

Learning Culture

Innovation driven by our thirst for knowledge and understanding


We are true to our word, mission and promise


A full slate of analytics tools to measure KPIs

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White-labeled learning environments, customized and easy-to-maintain courses, full-scale analytics, and branded certificates of completion. It’s what we do to make your training more effective and efficient.


Leaders in tourism development, destination marketing and association management are talking about us and the work we do to upskill, engage and inspire communities.
"I commend the Tourism Academy team for making the efforts to teach and exercise the values of diversity, equity and inclusions, and I appreciate the opportunity to share my unique perspective and insights to this diverse group."
Al Hutchinson
CEO Visit Baltimore & Destinations International Chair
"There is still quite a large gap that exists beyond the traditional education environment... The Tourism Academy helps to fill that gap by providing individuals the training and capacitation that is needed to not only improve their own livelihood but also contribute positively to the economic prosperity of their region."
Samantha Keene
Beyond BookSmart
“By focusing on developing the people involved in the industry, the Tourism Academy is setting up a strong foundation that will allow the industry to build reliable and knowledgeable professionals capable of making every travel experience unforgettable.”
Juan Alberto Villareal
EdD, Austin Industrial
"Creating amazing and life changing experiences for travelers has to start with educating and training the staff that works to provide those experiences. At the end of every trip, it's not just the beautiful sites that people remember, but it is how they felt along their journey."
Colleen Cleary
“The Tourism Academy provides a unique vehicle to ensure professional education of the tourism is available in various forms.”
Greg DeShields
Tourism Diversity Matters
"By bringing together tourism professionals, who freely share successes and challenges, The Tourism Academy is well positioned to have an important role in sustaining the industry."
Lisa Curtin
Caldwell & Co CPAs

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Compelling interviews with tourism leaders and the people who make places worth visiting.

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