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Benefits of Sponsorship & Promotions

What, Where & Who is The Tourism Academy Audience?

Our global audience is made up of over 150,000+ tourism professionals working at more than 32,000 travel agencies and tourism enterprises. These businesses range from enormous travel conglomerates to teeny-tiny agencies and independent travel agents. The Tourism Academy connects to top tier destination marketing organizations and multitude of product & service providers who make travel experiences happen. 

We’ve built trusted relationships with our audience through years of in-person events, social outreach, digital strategies, and affiliate networking. We even provide private travel agent academy options to the biggest agencies. Our major markets – North America, Europe, and Central/South America – make up over half of our audience.


Why become a sponsor?

Our audience is hungry for knowledge and eager to move more passengers. They are ready for you to share their passion for travel, craving for education, community development, and sustainable future. They seek knowledge and tools to become more effective, productive and happy. They want more tourists, visiting more destinations and enjoying more experiences. 


The future of tourism business (and the travel industry) belongs to those who never stop learning. Are you ready to turn that knowledge into innovation?


You can capitalize on these huge market trends:


Travel experts are in demand

Market uncertainty, constantly changing regulations, and pent up demand drive travellers to the experts. Travellers engage with agents and tour operators to match them with suitable, safe destinations and qualified suppliers. Agents make travel more satisfying for consumers by managing complicated airline arrangements, local health advisories, and having contingency plans ready. 


The Learning Gap


Accelerated demand for efficiency

Siloed and slow, often manual, processes are giving way to new efficiencies through technology and cloud-based solutions. eLearning takes 40-60% less employee time than traditional learning, increases employee engagement 18%, and produces companies that have 24% higher profit margins.


Online & Social Learning

Online learning, especially that which is self-paced and available to the student on-demand, is continuing to grow. Travel professionals around the globe have access to high-quality education when and where they need it. 



Online courses and eLearning consume 90% less energy and generate 90% fewer CO2 emissions per student.

Get Started

How you can get involved

Marketing, advertising, and teaching with The Tourism Academy are great ways to build excitement around your product, campaign, services, or upcoming event.

We look for brands that inspire travel, provide rewarding experiences, empower travel planners, and boost productivity. Our ideal partner shares our passion for transformative, engaging, and accessible quality education.

We look for partners in the following markets:

Destination & Travel Products

  • Destination marketing
  • Transportation 
  • Lodging and resorts
  • Activities and experiences
  • Cruise and ferry
  • Technology and software

Business & Industry

  • Travel agencies, tour operators, online resellers
  • Economic development 
  • Higher education
  • Trade & business associations
  • Web design & engineering
  • Talent recruitment
  • Media relations
  • Creative technologies & solutions
  • Nonprofit fundraising

Topical Experts & Instructors

  • Business management
  • Business & personal finance
  • Communication
  • Sales & marketing
  • Productivity
  • Tourism skills & knowledge

Get Started

We offer a number of sponsorship and product promotion opportunities with unbeatable benefits, customizable to meet your objectives. 

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor or promoting your brand with The Tourism Academy, call 

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