Chat Based Customer Service For Travel Consultants


COVID-19 has caused massive layoffs among travel consultants. Travel companies are now focusing on implementing new automation technologies and the reality is that not all travel consultants will be hired back. Travel consultants, however, who understand the new workflows and know how to “collaborate” with A.I. chat bots will be invaluable in the post-COVID contact center.

  • Understand the A.I. automated contact center and the role of A.I. chat bots

  • Learn to operate any A.I. automation software to service customers

  • Understand new customer expectations and the multi-channel customer journey

  • Build your future and position yourself well in an A.I. automated contact center

A.I. Automation Training For Travel Consultants.

Big crises have always caused big changes in the travel industry. The dot com bubble in 2000 gave rise to the OTAs, the financial crisis in 2008 bore Airbnb and Uber and the pandemic is catalyzing call center automation with A.I. chat bots.

Travel consultants will work differently but they won’t be any less valuable. Now is the time to prepare yourself for this new reality and learn new skills that will make you an invaluable part of the travel contact center of the future.

This course is designed for travel consultants with no prior knowledge of A.I. based contact center workflows and technologies.

The course is divided into 4 sections. Section 1 starts with the basics of what A.I. based contact center automation is and why it is relevant today. In Section 2 we will have a closer look at how customer expectations have changed in the last decade and how it has impacted the customer journey. We will learn what multi-channel customer service is and how agents and A.I. bots are working together to provide a modernized customer service. Section 3 covers the essentials for you to excel in an A.I. automated contact center. We will go through real life A.I. based call center software, step by step. You will learn how to operate A.I. based omnichannel tools, from monitoring ongoing conversations, taking over conversations from the A.I., chatting with the customer and finding the right writing style. Hands-on practice and real life examples will make sure that you will later be able to apply this knowledge at your workplace with ease. In the last section, Section 4, we will look at how A.I. customer support will evolve in the next years and you will learn how to position yourself as an invaluable resource in an A.I. automated contact center.

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Chat Based Customer Service For Travel Consultants
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